02 September 2010

Wake me up when September comes...

I received my acceptance email on April 6th. With over five months before leaving, I kept telling myself, "later this year I'm moving to France" or "in September, I'll leave for Europe." My plans were extremely vague (and mostly still kind of are) and the impending departure was so far off that it didn't seem real. September was so far away and I had to make it through the summer first, right? How is it already September?!  I feel like I woke up and all of a sudden it's September! So many things I didn't get around to...

No more months to count down. I don't even have two full weeks! September 12th is right around the corner and it's really beginning to hit home! Starting to run errands means that pretty soon I can have to start packing for real. That's really my biggest stress right now! Okay, that and keeping an eye on the availability of seats on my flight to Amsterdam. (Standby ticket, remember? Eek!) And I found out this morning that I do need to have my birth certificate professionally translated into French.

Two weeks from today I'll arrive in Estonia. Last week I found out that Scott and I are booked on the same flight in from Riga. How awesome is that? Words cannot describe...

It's a lot to take in for a girl who's never been on vacation longer than 10 days. Meaning I've never been away from home for even two full weeks. It's crazy, surreal, and is about to hit me like a ton of bricks!



  1. All of these feelings are so familiar to me when I was preparing to leave! It'll be a great experience! =D

  2. I'm sure they do resonate pretty well with you! I'm finally settled in on the time change in Estonia but in a few days will have to shift that time by another hour. Other than that, I still feel like I'm on vacation so I haven't really started to miss anyone or anything yet, since I haven't yet realized that I'm not going home when my cousin leaves! Hope you're doing well!