11 October 2010

School: Take 2

So getting to school this morning was less stressful than on Friday, since I knew where I was going. Want to know how? Because I could see the North Star. I do believe it was darker when I left for work this morning than when I went to bed. 
The corner right by my appartement
But when I got to school, I was excited to be there and get my schedule. Except for I couldn't read the scribbles and cross-outs very well... And then the director of the beginning level of the school saw it and switched it around because she wasn't happy with it. Now I have her class on Mondays, and I'll be honest that she really intimidates me. : / I think she'll warm up to me... I hope! if not, I only work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and the school is big. I can hide out from her in the other end of the school! (She's not that bad but everyone else has been really kind and she was just a little more harsh.)
École Paul Bert - it's a big school!

In all, school went really well today. A bunch of the kids remembered my name and those who didn't see or meet me on Friday seemed to have heard of me. A girl in the last class I observed today gave me a little note that said "I love you <3<3 English!!" It was really cute! And then when I mentioned I was from Seattle, Washington, she got excited because she'd been there. Adorable. Some kids would, in the middle of their lesson, turn around and just stare at me. And I mean stare... I couldn't figure out what they were thinking. Probably something along the lines of "does she actually speak English? how's she gonna teach me English?" They don't seem to believe me when I say I speak English (even in English!). The fact that I'm speaking French confuses them. 

I ate in la cantine again today, which was quite delicious. On the menu: 
-potage crème de potiron (cream of pumpkin soup)
-le poulet rôti (roasted chicken)
-laitue (lettuce)
-pommes cubes rissolées (fried potato cubes)
-yaourt danones aux fruits (Danon fruit yogurt)

Tomorrow's menu looks good, but I don't know what will happen, since there are two grèves. Half of the teachers will strike and then there's also a transportation strike. I can check at 6h30 tomorrow morning to see if my lines are affected. If I can't make it, then I don't work. If I can make it to work, then I think I go... Key word here is "think". Welcome to France... land of wine, cheese, and strikes.
Notice of a strike on 12 Octobre

la grève - a strike

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