01 October 2010

A tasty new tradition - Mes Discrétions Délicieuses

On a daily basis, I eat a rather healthy diet and don't allow room for many indulgences. Before I left, one of my best friends told me to eat a lot of French pastries for her while I'm here. I kind of shrugged it off like, "sure, okay Danielle... I will." But once I got here and saw how delicious they look in the windows and in passing could smell how wonderful they surely taste, I started to think twice. So, I've decided that once every few weeks, I can indulge in what I've decided to call Mes Discrétions Délicieuses

My first morning here I had pain au chocolat for breakfast, courtesy of Cody. It was good but definitely not breakfast food. I'll have to revisit this later as a treat. So for my inaugural discretionary treat, I figured there was no better way to start than with something simple and classic. Devinez quoi?
Hint # 1: I got it at the restaurant to the right. (A few friends and I met at the restaurant to the left last week.)
Hint #2: This is the aftermath. My verdict? Doesn't the picture tell you it was divine?
Do you have a guess?
Une Crêpe Nutella!

It was DELICIOUS! I sat down to enjoy it and before I knew it, it was all gone! Let me tell you, I miss peanut butter and almond butter like nobody's business (my oatmeal just isn't the same!), but NUTELLA! I do believe that Nutella and I are fast becoming close friends. But I need to keep that friendship at a moderate distance! We don't need to become best friends.... I have those already! But I did have a little bit of Nutella to go along with the most delicious Belgian apple I had today. Think Honeycrisp Apple... Délicieuse! And if you don't know what Nutella or Honeycrisp apples are, then you've been living under a rock! (And no, the Nutella in the States is nothing compared to it here!)

Bon appétit! 

Mes discrétions délicieuses - my delicious discretions 
Pain au chocolat - bread with chocolate (think chocolate filled croissant)
Devinez quoi? - Guess what?
Une Crêpe Nutella - a crêpe with chocolate/hazelnut spread


  1. You know, Le Pain au Chocolat is breakfast food for a lot of Frenchies that I knew....though I confess that it was one of the few pastries that I never developed a love for. =P

  2. Great to follow your adventures in Life this way Kels! I must say that when Marisha, Tesh & I recently visited my nephew Thane & his great family in Augusta, GA, we learned a bit about crepes. Almira makes the most WOnderful crepes, and you might even think they were 'healthy' as she said she made the batter with 50% flax meal! We had them with homemade yogurt & jam, nuts & other tasty condiments! I'm on the hunt for a crepe pan !
    It's Wonderful to hear that you're experimenting with things and breaking out of the 'old mold'! I Bet you find a lot of joy in this venture!
    Nice to talk with you yesterday, 2....hugs, Rachel