12 December 2010

A day at the markets

Today was a perfect day to spend at the markets. Sunny and not too cold, I took my time browsing and almost finished my Christmas shopping! Now, I just need to pick up something for Aunt Aino and I thing I can call it good. I spent a long while browsing the Marché de Wazemmes and loved looking at all the booths. I will admit though, that it's hard with such a massive crowd to really casually just look at things... 

After browsing around Wazemmes and actually buying myself a new purse, which I needed, I headed over to the Marché de Noël and Vieux Lille with a few things to buy. The Marché de Noël is kind of hit or miss. If you want cider, vin chaud, or to satisfy your sweet tooth (gaufres, beignets, and brioche galore), it's perfect. But if you're there to buy Christmas gifts, there's a lot more kitschy stuff than there is quality, hand-crafted stuff. Surprisingly, there were Canadian flags waving all over the place, as there were a few Québécois booths (with samples of maple-flavored cookies). 
Le chalet québécois

Overall, I walked a bunch, spent some euros, and was complimented on my French. Now, I'm relaxing a bit tonight and translating a colleague's poem into English. Three work days left before I leave next Sunday! 

le vin chaud - mulled wine 
gaufres - waffles 
beignets - doughnuts
Québécois(e) - from Québéc (where they speak French with a funny accent)

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  1. Really great photos! And I like how you highlight words and then translate them at the end of the post, it's a nice touch :-)

    Just found you via A Taste of Garlic