04 February 2011

Life is good and keeps getting better

The start to my new year was a little rough... my last few posts sum it up if you're not up to date. But what a difference a few weeks make; I am loving life. I've had a great week - here's why:

-Due to mental breakdowns and the flu, my last class was cancelled each day this week. I was also told that I wouldn't have my afternoon classes next Tuesday, which means I only have two classes and will finish at 11h15. 

-I booked my train ticket to Paris for the beginning of my vacation, which is less than three weeks away. My travel companion hasn't booked his tickets, so I haven't booked my flights yet, but vacation is in sight! Book 'em Danno! I mean, Jesse... I  just heard back from my friend in London so my trip will officially be to Paris, Edinburgh, and London! Two weeks of vacation, here I come! Not to mention, it'll be great to see a familiar face from home and to make it even better, I have accommodations provided through friends in both Edinburgh and London. Score! Can't wait to get out of Lille for a bit! It's really a shame that I haven't travelled around France at all since I've been here! That's all going to change, though! 

-Ali moved in on Monday and so far as I can tell, is an awesome roommate! We have literally spent hours talking since she moved in! I was so happy to hear the other night that living here, she was finally reminded of what it's like to be excited to come home. She's only here on a seven-month contract, so she'll be leaving sometime in April - bummer! But I know that we're going to have a great time living together while she's around! Between my addiction to fruits and vegetables and her vegan diet, I don't think Séb has ever been around so many fruits and vegetables! 

-The week started out with temperatures below zero degrees but Thursday afternoon was 14C and sunny. I wouldn't say it was warm but it reminded me of the beginning of spring and it got me all excited! In contrast with being utterly frozen on Monday, I was quite the happy camper! Today is nasty and the wind is howling... but I'm looking forward to springtime in France! Who wouldn't?

I hope your week has been as good as mine! And now, I'm off to enjoy my weekend! 


  1. I am so happy you are so happy! Book 'em Danno...I mean Jesse!!

  2. Springtime in France. The words just roll off the tongue don't they?

  3. Wow, how is Ali handling having a vegan diet here in France? I can imagine that means she doesn't ever eat out or go to restaurants...?